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Our main activities are consulting and administration in real estate in Lugano, Ticino and Switzerland.

Services available:

  • Diagnosis of public or private property, and strategic organization of a renovation project
  • real estate appraisals, checking the condition of the property and estimate its value, evaluate third-party appraisals
  • Administration of real estates (stable rental, condominiums)
  • Drafting leases, cash rents, settle any disputes
  • calculation of real income and rents appropriate to the market
  • real estate brokerage; purchase and sale of land or buildings for third parties
  • Preparation of marketing plans of real estate projects (promotion, budget, etc.)
  • Consultancy for legal issues (construction law and the planning, LAFE, CCS, VAT Act, LEF)
  • Consulting for financial issues (mortgages, loans, grants, etc.).